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Hal Leonard has come out with the sixth edition of the Real Book Volume 1 and the second edition of the Real Book Volume 2 and Volume 3.

  • The books are "legal". Royalties are being paid to the owners of the copyrights.
  • As a result of obtaining legal rights, the charts are more accurate, correcting the many errors in previous editions.
  • The price (despite legalization) is in fact cheaper than the cost of the older bootleg editions.
  • The format and fonts are the same old ones we are all used to.
  • Hal Leonard did not obtain the rights to all the tunes in the original books. Therefore, the list of tunes is not the same. Volume 1 has over 100 differences, some omissions are major and others are minor - often a matter of perspective. The 6th edition does include tunes not in the 5th edition. I have compiled a list of differences between the editions.




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