The Real Book Listening Guide
Tune List
Some links you may find useful:
Song List   Another site I maintain that lists songs by artists and links to audio samples.
Wikipedia   The Real Book entry.   Excellent site with lessons and interactive exercises for theory, reading and ear training.
Band-in-a-Box   Excellent software for practice. The best 100 bucks I've ever spent !!!
The All Music Guide   Comprehensive database with artist biographies, discographies and reviews.
Pop Song Piracy, Fake Books, and a Pre-history of Sampling   If you are curious about the history of the Real Book, Barry Kernfeld's article provide some insight.
The FakeBook Index   Search and find which fake books include a particular tune.
Jazz Arts Studio Resource Page   This page has comprehensive information and links to major musician websites that would interest most Jazz students or fans.
International Association for Jazz Education   Educational resource page for the IAJE.
Classic Jazz Guitar   Comprehensive site with rare recordings and articles.
Jazz Camp West   Fun California camp in June.
Anton Schwartz's JazzTools   Free music manuscript paper and educational links.
A Jazz Improvisation Primer   Free online text by Marc Sabatella, with practical advice and bibliography.
Jazz Standards   Rich resource page with biographies, articles and analysis.
Noal Cohen's Jazz History Web Site   Biographies and discographies of Gigi Gryce, Teddy Charles and Joe Locke and others.
Randy Hunter Jazz   Nicely designed site featuring books by Randy with free sample lessons and resources.

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